Dare to be different!

I often get asked, what’s in and what’s not? I feel like saying…who cares?! It’s your Wedding, do it your way! Ok so what’s in…lets see – blossom trees, pampas grass, doughnut walls, neon signs and the like, but does it really matter what is in? What I really love to see is how a Couple can bring in their own personal taste and their own interests. This is what makes your Wedding personal – what makes it interesting! So if you’re unsure of what to go for then why not brainstorm ideas…where did you meet, what do you enjoy, have you any hobbies, where have you been together? Then build on this. Also consider the venue, the time of year and the feel of the wedding – do you want it formal or relaxed, big or intimate? There’s so much to consider, but what ever you go for, make it your own and not just the Wedding that you are seeing publicised all over at this point in time.

I recently showcased a Harry Potter themed set up at a Wedding Fayre, and whist this particular theme was not everyone’s cup of tea (amongst the many who loved it), everyone just seemed to love the fact that there was something different on offer to what they have come across so far. I’ve got so many beautiful Weddings, with personal themes, to look forward to this year, and I cant wait to show you the pictures!

If you would like to discuss how I can help you bring your vision to life, (or if you need abit of help deciding what the vision is), then please contact me and we can have an informal chat with no obligation to book!

Love Nichola x
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